Principal's Message

principleDear Students and Families:

With sincere gratitude & Blessedness I, welcome you all to the Nirmala Website.
I am deeply indebted to Rev. Sr. Ajaya Mary & Rev Sr. Ambika Mary the former Principals of Nirmala & the regional superiors of Delhi & Karnataka for gracing this website with your impressive foreword, which is a reservoir of inspiration to all. 
Yes, Life is a great treasure hunt. You undertake a passionate pursuit to mine the hidden treasure. After a long and tedious futile pursuit and worldly wonderings great men and women of history have learnt that the treasure lay inside and not outside and the treasure gold of life is not material gifts but spiritual gifts.
Nirmala with the patron, Mother Mary is germinating & branching out in sincere service to humanity with a life message to the world is “inheriting and becoming a Blessing.”
Let the Blessings  &  Knowledge of Nirmala dispel the darkness of doubt & fear and enshrine the radiance of God & goodness in your heart and the amazing experience in Nirmala will help you to choose the “better part.”
Dear friends, Like a rose flower you be ever beautiful, ever fragrant, ever charming   and ever changing from the time it is a tiny bud till it sheds its last petal.

 May the Good Lord Bless you all……
 Once again hearty welcome to Nirmala website.


Sr. Jesni Mary




Teacher’s Day Celebration 2019

Student Council of Nirmala Eng. Hr. Sec. School (CBSE), Risdi, take their pride privilege to celebrate Teacher’s day on 5th of September.

Debate, Essay & Drawing/Painting Competition 2019

Red House & Green House take their pride privilege to conduct Debate, Essay & Drawing/Painting Competition on 5th of September.

Mid- Term Examination (2019-20)

The Mid-Term Examination (2019-20) from classes I to XII will be going to start from 14/09/2019 to 30/09/2019.

Group Dance Competition 2019

Heritage Club & Literary Club take their pride privilege to conduct group dance competition on 5th of October 2019 from Classes I to X.

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