School Infrastructure

Infrastructure Nirmala eng. Hr. Sec. School (cbse) at Kosabadi, Korba (c.g), 495677


Lavishly spacious workshops for learning. They are required with activity corners, smart boards and ‘Wi-Fi’ connection to allow access to relevant information required for concept clarification. Each student will have their personal storage space in the classroom that encourages them to be organized and responsible. Furniture is specially designed to cater to the needs of growing children of all the age groups. The aesthetically layout furnishing of each classroom make it feel them “My School in My second home”.

Smart Classes
Smart classes provided tools and contents for interactive self-spaced learning guided by the teachers. It is the ultimate technology that allows learning through audio visual stimulation coupled with the freedom to manipulate and modify the lessons as per the individual needs. We have been successful in bringing technology into all class rooms, integrating it into the student’s everyday life with the introduction of interactive white board or smart boards. The classrooms transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students. Thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.

Computer Lab
There is a special emphasis on computer. Computer science as a subject is compulsory taken up for all students form Class I to X. The entire curriculum is well integrated with it.

Students are provided well supervised individual workstation with internet for reference and project works. Schoollibrary allows students and staff to have access to a variety of resources. The goal of the school library is to provide resource center and ensure that all the members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading to information technology. It will serve as learner oriented laboratory to supported, extended and individualize the school’s curriculum.

Play grounds
Growing children need to be provided with avenues to channelize their abundant energy recourses. School has a large play ground with facilities as, cricket field, football and hockey besides these facilities for indoor games is prevalent.

Infirmary (medical room)
A well-equipped medical room with a doctor and a nurse coil cater to medical needs of students during school hours. It will maintain health records of all student and conducted regular health checkups. School has an ambulance and tie up with troma center to cater emergency.

School has a fleet of buses to facilitate comfortable safe and secure journey between school and home and to field trips, excursions, picnics, workshop etc. for students and teachers.


Art Room
Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart! These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more. These aren't just arts and crafts for kids; they're fun for the whole family too! Our selection of art projects for kids, DIY activities, and decoration ideas also provide excellent inspiration for craft ideas for kids. Try some of these activities with your children, and have fun with crafts for kids to make.

Music Room
Our school music room is well equipped with different a musical instrument which incorporates three forms of performing arts. Gayan (vocal), vadyasangeet(instrumental0, and nritya(name) our students also takes parts in completion and cultural meets . They play orchestra once in a week in the school assembly.

Staff Room
Our school has a refining room for teachers have a retiring room for teachers which provide the facility as coffee machine, computer and intercom.







Annual Examination for classes 9 & 11 will commence from 17/02/2023 to 27/02/2023.

Annual Examination from classes 1 to 8 will commence from 02/03/2023 and timing will be from 8.30 to 11.30am.


Result Declaration for classes 9 & 11 will be on 09/03/2023.

Result Delaration for classes 1 to 8 will be on 03/04/2023.


The New academic session of 2023-24 for classes 10 & 12 will commence from 10/03/2023.

The New academic session of 2023-24 for classes 1 to 9 will commence from 10/04/2023.

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